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I'm Bartek and I code.

I'm a 20 year old guy from Poland. I'm programming since 2016 and try to get better at it every day.


/ Android, Flutter

I've been developing for the Android platform for 4 years now. I love Android for its openess and nearly unlimited possibilities.

I'm also a big fan of Flutter and use it to deliver native, cross-platform apps.

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/ everything, everywhere

Even though my primary area of focus is the Android platform, I know a lot about many other languages, frameworks and tools. JavaScript and TypeScript on frontend and backend, Python/Flask powered web apps, mobile and desktop games in Java/LibGDX and Unity.

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Google Code-in

/ Grand Prize Winner

I was chosen as a winner of Google Code-in, a global programming competition that aims to introduce pre-university students to open source software. For 2 months, I've been working with Systers to help develop mentoring application for women.

I ❤️ open source.

List of tasks I did during the contest