I’m Bartek, 20 and I live in Poland.


I’ve been interested in computers as far as I remember. When I was a kid, I could play various flash-based web games for hours. I can also recall me searching “hw to maek a comptur gaame” on Google, but… that’s it. I think I was too young and too stupid back then. So I just kept playing computer games, what ultimately led me to almost 20k battles in World of Tanks (~3000 h) and a good few hundred in a couple of other ones.


But a few years ago, in one of gaming magazines, there was a tutorial titled “MAKE YOUR OWN COMPUTER GAME!”. So I did. It was one of these “games” beginners make and then think they’re gamedev gods. But (fortunately I have to say) I didn’t stop there. I taught myselft basics of C#, coded a few command line “adders and subtractors”, some WPF program. Then I created a stupid roll-a-boll game in Unity and installed it on computers in my primary school. All the children were in awe of my seemingly wonderous creation.

And so was I. I realized that with enough persistence and skill, I’m able to create anything I can think of. And that’s what I like the most about programming.

Since then, I made many other apps/programs/games. You can see everything (except the “private” ones) on my GitHub profile.


From time to time I like to play Battlefield or something like that. But the games I truly love, are the outdoor ones involving modern technology.

I’m a great fan of Geocaching (more than 200 caches found, few hidden) and Ingress. I’ve been playing both since 2014. Being on holidays without finding some caches and hacking portals seems unimaginable to me. And I hate Pokemon Go by the way.