My acquaintance with web development a.k.a frontend is long and boring. It’s something I tried at the very beginning of my journey with programming and since then, I didn’t like it. To be honest, I hated it.

I’ve tried to learn frontend every time I felt like I needed a simple website, but I always ended up spending 2 hours on something as stupid as centering text or making footer stick to the bottom. And by saying “learn”, I mean being able to create a simple site powered only by pure HTML and CSS.

I’ve tried to like frontend many times over the years, but frontend never liked me back. It’s too messy. Too irritating. The plethora of ways to do one thing intimidates me, an Android guy used that official docs always present the right way to do almost everything.

I was always telling myself “you’ll learn it someday, when you’ll have more time” - classic example of procrastination. Now, in the middle (?) of coronavirus outbreak, my school has been closed for 2 weeks and I’m basically free to spend this time in any way I want. So I thought:

Let’s learn frontend

Status update in 2 weeks.

(Knowing me, I will get tired of it tomorrow or the day after and I’ll never write a continuation)